Three things to do in Killarney when it rains.

Three things to do in Killarney when it rains

It rains quite a bit in Ireland. You may have noticed. Yes, our fields are not this green by accident. Places like Killarney were invented for fine weather so when Mr. Grey Cloud comes to spoil the party, most assume places like Killarney are as fun as a Seanad meeting. But fear not, for Killarney provides a plethora of fun activities to placate you (and your kids) when the weather is having an off day. Here’s just three.

1. Visit a pub.

I know, original right? Come to Ireland, visit a pub. But there are lots of pubs. So it’s important you visit the right ones. Rainy days are especially good for a visit to a public house as, y’know, they’re warm, they’re cosy and you can join in with regulars complaining about the weather. Sitting in a pub complaining about weather is about the most Irish thing you can do, narrowly beating starving due to a lack of potatoes. The pubs I’d recommend are Charlie Foley’s on New Street, The Tatler Jack on Plunkett Street and/or Scotts Beer Garden on College Street.

2. Buddies Play Centre.

I realise the first point may not be that kid-friendly so I kind of have to balance things out. Dealing with young kids is bad enough but dealing with them on a rainy day can be like combating a wildfire with a garden hose. So Buddies Play Centre, out in the Woodland’s Industrial Park, is a perfect place to let them run wild when the weather is like Madonna after Vogue – not that hot. There’s a 3 tier play frame with Astra slide, dizzy discs, ball canon, sport area and a bungee trampoline. That last one sounds really tempting. Oh, and there’s a café so the parents can unwind too.

3. Visit a spa.

A few years ago McDonald’s said they’d like to one day be as famous “for its salads as it is for its hamburgers.” It’s the same scenario for Killarney; one day we’d like to be as famous for our spas as we are for our lakes. Like the McDonald’s statement it ain’t gonna happen. But we can try. And try we have for Killarney is home to a myriad of world-class spas. The Angsana Spa at The Brehon – just a walk down the road from Killarney Holiday Village – is renowned for its luxury while the Cloisters Spa at the Muckross Park Hotel and the Castlerosse Beauty Spa are great options too. Rainy days are the best days for a  bit of pampering.


4. Go to the National Park anyway.

Rain is only annoying and not actually dangerous so if you’re a bit brave, maybe a bit foolish, you could brave the conditions and head on an adventure anyway. The National Park is still stunning during a bout of rainfall and though it may be a tad hazardous to try and climb any mountains or scale any peaks, the lakes and Torc Waterfall are majestic on a wet day. So be adventurous and give it a go – just make sure you bring a towel, spare socks and a lot of food.

Three things to do in Killarney when it rains