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On yer bike love!: Cycling in Killarney

transport in killarney


So the crowds are beginning to dwindle and the unruly weather is subsiding somewhat. The end of August probably sees Killarney at her most attractive as the throngs of tourists who invade the town during July and early August begin to lessen in strength and number and it rains (a bit) less. So, why not try cycling? “Pah! Cycling? I came on holiday to relax not to exert myself with damn physical activity”, I hear you wail. But fear not for cycling is only as exerting as you make it and, tru ...

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The sun is ACTUALLY shining – So let’s get walking.

Alrighty, after what felt like three months of perennial and torrential rain, Mother Nature has finally decided to cut Killarney some slack show off her brighter side. We’ve basked in lustrous sunshine for the past two days and while the future is unknown and unpredictable, let’s make the most of it while we can. With that in mind, you probably want to experience Killarney in all her majestic wonder now it’s not wet, soggy and mucky and you’re in luck. A new lake and woodland t ...

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