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5 Places in Killarney to Shop


5 Places in Killarney to Shop While it may be Killarney’s famed natural scenery which attracts scores of tourists each year, Killarney has improved remarkably in recent years with regards to retail outlets. You may not be able to devote an entire day to retail therapy as you would in a city such as Cork or Dublin but there’s plenty of shops in Killarney that may tickle your fancy during your stay here. Here’s five of the best places in Killarney to shop. 1. Brian James, Main Street G ...

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Three things to do in Killarney when it rains.

Three things to do in Killarney when it rains It rains quite a bit in Ireland. You may have noticed. Yes, our fields are not this green by accident. Places like Killarney were invented for fine weather so when Mr. Grey Cloud comes to spoil the party, most assume places like Killarney are as fun as a Seanad meeting. But fear not, for Killarney provides a plethora of fun activities to placate you (and your kids) when the weather is having an off day. Here’s just three. 1. Visit a pub. I know, orig ...

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