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St Patrick’s Weekend nightlife in Killarney


St Patrick’s Weekend nightlife in Killarney It’s probably going to be one of the busiest weekends of the year this coming one so you can be certain that Killarney will be pulling out all the stops to satisfy the partying needs of locals and visitors alike. All the bars and clubs are sure to be buzzing all weekend and with Ireland vs France 6 Nations decider on Saturday evening and the Manchester United vs Liverpool Premier League match on Sunday afternoon, there’ll be plenty to keep ...

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Killarney’s nightclubs – Reviewed!

While we usually like to focus on more family-friendly, Killarney-based excursions for you to enjoy on this blog we thought today we’d take a look at what the adults among us can enjoy in Killarney. So here it is – ¬†Killarney’s four nightclubs reviewed. 1. Mustang Sallys, Main Street One thing to point out first – Refer to it as “Mustangs”, not “Mustang Sallys”. Just a small thing but Killarney people generally never refer to it by its full title. It ma ...

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