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Interesting historical sites in Killarney

Killarney Historical Sites People generally visit Killarney for its stunning natural beauty and world famous lakes but there’s much more to the town than just its aesthetic qualities. Killarney is a town that is steeped in history and has been the site of many famous battles, sieges and excavations. The area now known as Killarney National Park has enthralled and fascinated centuries of scholars and soldiers and has been a home for both too. If you’re a history buff and want some primary s ...

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Spotlight: Muckross Abbey

transport in Killarney


Happy 18th of March! It’s also known as “Chronic Hangover Day”. We hope you had a lovely Paddy’s Day and the wallet (and liver) are in fine fettle. Life does indeed move on and so does Killarney. This week we thought we’d look at one of Killarney’s most fabled and historic buildings – Muckross Abbey. I’m sure you’ll visit it in your own time, after all, it is remarkably close to Killarney Holiday Village, but we thought you might want to know a bit ...

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