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5 tips for St. Patrick’s Weekend in Killarney


St Patrick’s Weekend in Killarney It’s Paddy’s Weekend. You’re visiting Killarney for it. Want some advice from a local on how to have a cracking weekend? Course you do! And it’s in list-format and all. St Patrick’s Weekend in Killarney 1. If you’re planning on going to the parade, get in early Especially if you’ve got kids. There has been no confirmation (online, at least) of when the parade actually kicks off but it’s usually around the 1pm mark. ...

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St. Patrick’s Day in Killarney

Finally. After what feels like months of waiting (It was actually only two), we are finally approaching the second bank holiday of the year. We’ve made it through the dreary winter months of January and February and now the lovely Spring is ready to greet us with open arms. Finally. And, to top it off, it’s St Patrick’s Day. A day when every one in the world pretends that they’re Irish. So what has Killarney got in store for Paddy’s Day? It is, more or less, the start of ...

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