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Killarney Races: July Festival

Killarney Races: July Festival The Killarney Races are returning to the Killarney Racecourse next month for 2014’s July Festival. The July Festival is the centre-piece of the races’ summer calendar and features the most prestigious races as well as the most glamourous events. The Killarney Racecourse is arguably Ireland’s most scenic racecourse as it is nestled snugly below Killarney’s famous mountains not too far from Ross Castle. The July Festival is a four day event and kick ...

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Killarney Races: May 2014 edition


Killarney Races You know summer is on the way when the Killarney Races comes to town. The May festival kicks off on the Sunday 11th of May and runs until the Tuesday the 13th. This is the first edition of the Races which will also host festivals in July and August. The racecourse is located down the Ross Road and has been called the “most scenic racecourse in Ireland”. Well, I pulled that quote from the Killarney Races website and they may not be the most impartial authority on the subject ...

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