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Five great places to eat in Killarney


When you come to a new town, be it for a few days, a week or even a month, ┬áthe most pressing concern is always; “where in the hell are we gonna eat?”. You don’t want to spend your whole time chowing down on McDonalds or continuously raiding microwaveable food from supermarkets surely. You’re going to want to treat yourself, to indulge yourself or just sample what the local cuisine is like. Killarney may be a small town but it’s certainly not lacking in choice when it co ...

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Kenmare Food Carnival

Kenmare is a delightful little town about 30 minutes south of Killarney. The road to it indeed is one of the most scenic roads in Ireland, winding its way along a mountain trail up to and through Moll’s Gap. If it’s not on your itinerary already, I suggest you pencil in the weekend of the 12th-14th of July to travel to Kenmare for it is that weekend the Kenmare Food Carnival is taking place. I think that should be enough to persuade you. When you see the words “food” and “ ...

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