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Easter in Killarney: Spring into Spring

Easter comes early this year, and with it another excuse to book a holiday home in Killarney. Take advantage of the first proper holiday of the year and enjoy Easter in Killarney in quality self-catering accommodation at Killarney’s Holiday Village. You could just sit back, relax, and indulge in the comfort of your surroundings, but if you’d like to get out and about, there’s plenty to do: Circuit Déjà Vu Car Rallies Date: 26 March 2016–28 March 2016 Location: Killarney, Co. Kerry Telephone: ...

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Killarney Bank Holiday Weekend nightlife preview

Killarney Bank Holiday Weekend The weekend is here and not just any old weekend but the best kind of weekend; a bank holiday weekend! Yes, Easter is afoot, lent is at an end and we don’t have to worry about work until Tuesday so let’s take a look at what the Killarney Bank Holiday Weekend has to offer in terms of nightlife this Easter weekend. Many of you will naturally be wanting to let your hair down this weekend and the perfect place for that might just be Mustang Sallys on Sunday night ...

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Things to do for Easter 2014 in Killarney

Easter in Killarney Easter’s fast approaching and that means two things – 1) You can finally break your lenten vows. 2) You can finally enjoy another bank holiday. It’s going to be another rip-roaring weekend in Killarney so here’s three cool things to check out this week and, stay tuned, because there’ll be plenty more Easter and Bank Holiday related news next week! Easter in Killarney 1. Kayaking and walking tours Ah well, I know many of you are probably planning a very ...

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The Good Friday 5 Mile Run 2014


The Good Friday 5 Mile Run Ah Good Friday. It’s a special day for us Irish. So special indeed that we close our pubs on this day every year as a testament to how much we love it. With that in mind, and also bearing in mind just how many chocolate eggs you’ll go through on the following Sunday, the Good Friday Run could be just the ticket to keep you in shape this Easter. The race is unique as the route the participants take is through Killarney town centre, unlike most road races in Killar ...

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Good Friday fun: Killarney Bunnypark


The link between rabbits and Easter is a confusing one. There are no biblical parallels and it is questionable whether rabbits even live in the Holy Land. Nevertheless, for the past century at least the two have been inextricably linked and this Good Friday, Killarney will be embracing Easter’s favourite furry friends with its very own bunnypark. It’s taking place in the Deerpark Shopping Park (Next to the big Tesco) this Good Friday between 11 and 3. While this is obviously very much an e ...

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