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Nightlife in Killarney

Nightlife in Killarney The summer season is but a distant memory and as the nights get longer and the temperatures continue to plummet, you’ll probably be looking for some more indoorsy excursions in Killarney. You’ll probably want to hit the town and see if nightlife in Killarney is all its cracked up to be. If so, let me be your tour guide and show you three of the best places in town for the craic and the ceol. Nightlife in Killarney 1. Foley’s, New Street. A lovely little bar, C ...

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5 Top Pubs in Killarney

Pubs in Killarney If you’re from abroad and you’re visiting Ireland you’re probably going to want to visit an Irish pub. You know, a proper Irish pub, as opposed to the poor imitations that are dotted around New York and Boston. Well you’ll need to be informed then. For you see, pubs are not in short supply in Ireland or indeed in Killarney and, like everything, they can vary greatly in quality. So here is a short list of five pubs in Killarney, that are definitely worth your ...

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