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The Killarney Big Red Bus


The Killarney Big Red Bus London, Paris, Barcelona, Killarney – what connects all these great places? Well one of the things that does is that you can tour all of them on red open top buses. Yes, just in time for summer 2014, Killarney has joined the big boys in launching their very own hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tour bus. Killarney is perfect for such an endeavour and to be honest it’s a wonder someone hasn’t thought of this sooner. The bus travels around Killarney and the surround ...

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Three of Killarney’s Best Views You May Not Have Heard Of

Killarney Scenery While this blog may espouse the merits of Killarney’s nightlife, musical attractions and sporting events, fact of the matter is most people visit Killarney for the scenery. And what a reason to visit for, I may be bias, but I’d wager that Killarney has some of the most stunning scenery Ireland has to offer. You know that, of course, but do you know the best spots from which¬†to enjoy the luscious Killarney scenery? Killarney Scenery 1. Knockreer House Not of the house, bu ...

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