5 tips for St. Patrick’s Weekend in Killarney

St Patrick’s Weekend in Killarney

It’s Paddy’s Weekend. You’re visiting Killarney for it. Want some advice from a local on how to have a cracking weekend? Course you do! And it’s in list-format and all.

St Patrick’s Weekend in Killarney

1. If you’re planning on going to the parade, get in early

Especially if you’ve got kids. There has been no confirmation (online, at least) of when the parade actually kicks off but it’s usually around the 1pm mark. Check the Advertiser this Friday for the official announcement. And be there a good half an hour before it kicks off. That means you can soak up the pressure and, most importantly, nab yourself a nice spot with a good view.

2. The best spots along the parade route are near the cinema and along Main Street

That is just my humble opinion. I have been to a great few of Killarney’s St. Patrick’s Day parades over the years so perhaps it carries a bit of weight. Along Main Street is where the stage will be set up and where the parade really hits its peak. Near the cinema is where the parade begins and it’s always nice to see it in its incipient stages. The places for Main Street fill out quick so you’d want to be early whereas you can be more nonchalant when it comes to near the cinema as this is less crowded and not lined with barriers.

3. Get a Green Ice-Cream in Eager’s

Or anywhere for that matter. It’s just I’m pretty sure Eager’s on High Street do them (They did in my day, anyway). Perfect for the day that’s in it and if the kids are going to break their Lenten vows they may as well do it in style. A Shamrock Shake wouldn’t go amiss either.

4. If you’re planning on heading out in Killarney any night over the weekend, get in early

Ah do. The place will be jammers. I know people like to be casual about this and head in around 11 but, trust me, you will regret that. Get in early in the evening, have a few quiet pints or cokes or whatever takes your fancy and ease yourself into it. It’s much more enjoyable that way. And make sure you get a card for a taxi service before you head out as finding a taxi in Killarney after 1am on a busy night is like trying to find an All-Ireland Medal in Leitrim.

5. Be safe!

I know it’s a cliche and I don’t want to sound like your mam and Killarney is a relatively safe town. But at the same time, Paddy’s Weekend is a mad weekend and its best to be a tad vigilant. This goes for everyone from families with kids to lads in groups.

And, of course, don’t forget to have a wonderful weekend. Whatever way you wish to spend it I’m sure it’ll be great. Beannachtaí na féile libh, a cáirde!


ps to get you in the mood then check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wmIZEl1nSo