St Patrick’s Day Parade 2014 in Killarney

St Patrick’s Day Parade 2014 in Killarney

I made a passing reference to it a few blog posts ago but I’ve got more details for you on next Monday’s Paddy’s Day parade so let’s give it its own post. Here’s the bizz – It kicks off at the later-than-usual time of 2pm. This year’s parade is dedicated to the legacy of Killarney’s Town Council as it will be shut down and incorporated into a wider South Kerry Council. It will be led by Paddy Courtney, the current and, er go, final mayor of Killarney.

The parade is pretty standard for Irish parades. If you’re visiting from overseas expect a lot of pipes, a lot green and a lot of Irish dancing. Not a million miles away from Paddy’s Day abroad. Local schools, sports clubs and community groups will all have floats and displays and there is a prize for the best float each year so the standard is usually rather high.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the parade begins along the Ross Road (Near the cinema) and ends in High Street. You’re advised to be there early if you want a good view. Click here to get a rough idea of the route the parade takes

And here is a video of 2012’s parade to get you in the mood –

Have a cracking Paddy’s Weekend!