St Patrick’s Adventure Race Killarney

St Patrick’s Adventure Race

I know. You’ve just looked outside your window, seen the rain pelting down, and thought to yourself “Adventure race? Is this crackpot for real?!” But no, calm down this adventure race isn’t scheduled for another month and a half so hopefully we’ll have dried off by then. Anyway, after the phenomenal success of last October’s edition, the Killarney Adventure Race is returning for a special Patrick’s Day Weekend race on the 16th March – The St Patrick’s Adventure Race!

This is a sort of miniature version of the actual adventure race as competitors in this race will only be tackling the cycling section. Still, an 8km cycle along some bumpy, gravely and narrow roads is nothing to turn your nose up at. The race is perfect for novice cyclists though it’s sure to give even the most assured biker a challenge. There is only 500 places available for the race so if you’re interested in giving it a spin then you best be getting those registration forms in right about now.

To find out more about the race then you can wheel your way over to here – . This website is also where you can register, just click on the tab on the top right hand corner. Give it a lash sure!