Merry Autumn – Here’s something new to do.

Something to do for Autumn

Happy autumn my lovelies. After the summer we’ve had it feels like autumn began three months ago but it is only now that the leaves have turned a shade tangerine and it is also only now that we can turn on the heating without feeling a bit guilty.

Alas, autumn also spells the end of Killarney’s tourism season but that does not necessarily mean Killarney shuts down indefinitely. Nor does it mean that Killarney is actually any less enjoyable than it is in the summer. In fact, one could even argue that Killarney is better in the autumn as it is calmer, more serene and quieter.

So there’s still loads to do. Honest.

Here’s one for you with kids – Play At Height adventure centre.

Located in the Oige International Youth Hostel in Aghadoe, the adventure centre only opened during the summer and has already received rave reviews. The centre has two courses – one for kids aged 4-9 and the main course which caters for the older, more rambunctious kids (and adults).

The main course sees entrants take to the trees as they tackle 27 obstacle stages including zip lines, cargo nets and see saws. The height of the course ranges from 4m to 10m.

The kiddies course meanwhile is only 1.5m off the ground and sees the young ones slide and climb their way through a still challenging obstacle course.

And the mountains and lakes of course provide a rather wonderful backdrop to the fun. Cheap shot I know. Bragging about our mountains and lakes. But they are still there. And they are still beautiful.

So if you want to find out more than check out You shan’t be disappointed.