Run Killarney Marathon back for July 2014

Run Killarney Marathon

If ever there was a town solely built for marathons, fun runs and races, Killarney would be that town. You’ve got the miles of winding road, challenging terrain and, most importantly, beautiful scenery. So it’s no surprise we do attract our fair share of them. And a month today, on the 19th July, will see the very popular Run Killarney Marathon return to the town. Now I know many of you will have switched off and stopped reading after the word “marathon” but don’t let that get you down; it’s only a name! There are actually three races taking place that day; a marathon, a half marathon and a 10k run. Feeling slightly more optimistic now?

You should be. Because if you do decide to take part in this great event you’ll not only be doing your body and fitness a great deed but also enjoying some of Killarney’s most beautiful routes too. The 10k takes runners past Torc Waterfall, Muckross House, Muckross Abbey and Muckross Gardens while the half marathon and full marathon will see runners enjoying the sights of Killarney’s more rustic and rugged views including Moll’s Gap and Lady’s View. If ever there was an excuse to get fit it’s this.

The great thing about this marathon is it caters for all levels of athlete. The 10k will be challenging but should be a bunch of fun too, the half marathon will be a real battle and the full marathon, well, Jesus, that’ll require an unholy level of fitness. The races will attract hundreds of competitors so you’ll plenty of people there to suffer with you. And if you’re just a spectator it should still be a bunch of fun and a great day.

If your interest is piqued you can find out how and where to register right here. It can be done online or by post. The fee for the 10k is €25, half marathon is €55 and full is €75. You’ll receive a pack with your racing chip, number and detailed route information a week before the race starts and you’ll receive a t-shirt and medal on completion. There are bus transfers from the Gleneagle Hotel to the starting line for those doing the full and half marathons. For any more information you might need check out –