Ring of Kerry Cycle 2018: Tips to Enjoy It!

ring of kerry cycle

If you’ve been training for the past few months to complete the Ring of Kerry charity cycle on July 7th this year, you don’t have long to wait. Hopefully, you’ve put in most of the hard cycling at this stage, so you can look forward to an enjoyable day out in aid of some great local causes. We’ll be waving as you pass Killarney’s Holiday Village on your approach to the finish line. Just to make the day a bit easier for you, here are some tips to help you make the most of the Ring of Kerry Cycle 2018:

Check Your Equipment

It’s no harm to get your bike checked out at your local bike repair shop before the cycle to make sure your brakes and gears are all working properly. If you haven’t already, get measured so that you have the proper saddle height and the reach to the handlebars and brakes is correct for your frame.

Make sure your helmet fits properly and wear a good pair of cycling shorts. Your rear end will thank you for it!

Fuel & Hydrate

Have a decent dinner the night before and a good breakfast on the morning of the Ring of Kerry cycle. You don’t need any fancy gels or drinks—plain water is just fine. Make sure to drink plenty but don’t overeat at the food stops. Little and often for food is the best policy.

Pace Yourself

It’s understandable to go too fast at the start of the cycle, as the excitement and adrenaline carry you along. Remember that you have 112 miles to get through, however, so cycle at a pace that feels comfortable. If you are too breathless to chat while you pedal, you’re probably going too fast.

General Technique

Be careful braking, especially if conditions are wet. It will take longer for you to stop in the rain. This also applies if there are loose stones on the road.

Remember, there will be large groups of cyclists taking part, so learn to be comfortable cycling in a group and follow general etiquette and safety precautions when overtaking. Cycle at a safe distance from the edge of the road.

Most important – relax and enjoy the day!