Ring of Kerry Cycle 2013

Mother nature is a cruel mistress. After last week’s perpetual sunshine this week has been an altogether more soggier affair. What we get we pay back – with interest. But it can’t stay wet for too long, can it? Nope it can’t because the Ring of Kerry Cycle is on very soon and it is always sunny for the Ring of Kerry Cycle. Always.

So yes. The Ring of Kerry Cycle is an annual charity to cycle where competitors cycle around the, you guessed it, Ring of Kerry. It takes weeks of training for the Ring of Kerry is 180km of grueling bohereens with their crevices and their precipices and their potholes.

The cycle kicks off at 7am on the morning of Saturday the 6th of July from Mission Road in Killarney and from there the cyclists navigate their way through towns and villages including Killorglin, Caherciveen, Sneem, Kenmare before ending up back where they started around 3pm. After that there’ll be refreshments and entertainment in the New Street Car Park (Next to the Plaza).

While I don’t expect any of you to compete in this it’ll be fun to watch the bikers set off in the morning or to see them home in the evening or just to enjoy the post-cycle entertainment. Some of the roads will be closed that day so if you’re planning on traveling anywhere from Killarney then be sure to make sure you can.

For any more information check out – http://www.ringofkerrycycle.ie/index.php