Rally of the Lakes 2014

Rally of the Lakes 2014

It’s that time of year again. When petrolheads and party-goers alike converge on Killarney for the annual Rally of the Lakes 2014. The rally is now in its 35th year and has become on of Ireland’s premier rally events. Whether you’re attending for the cars or the craic (or both) there’s plenty going on to keep you entertained this May Bank Holiday weekend. And yes, it’s another bank holiday weekend. Crikey. They’re coming thick and fast now, aren’t they? I’m not complaining though.

Ok, so let’s go through the basics first. The rally festival runs between the 2nd and the 5th May 2014. The racing takes place over two days, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th. There will be 8 stages on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. The rally attracts scores of experience drivers from Ireland and abroad and is one of Ireland’s most famous and most popular rally events. The rally begins both days from Moll’s Gap, which is one of the most renowned rallying routes in Ireland.

If you’re a rallying purist just here for the cars and nothing else then you probably don’t need me telling you where to go or which stages to see. If you’re new to the Rally and are eager to view some of the racing then my recommendation is to camp out at Moll’s Gap. It’s the best stage, the most scenic route and the best craic. The only downside is it may require an early rising to guarantee a good vantage point but I assure you that is a worthwhile sacrifice.

But it’s not just about the cars though. There’ll be loads on throughout the weekend from live music to barbeques. The Rally Headquarters in the grounds of the Gleneagle Hotel is where most of the fun will be. The INEC and Gleneagle Ballroom will be playing host to a number of renowned performers including comedian Tommy Tiernan, illusionist Keith Barry and Voice of Ireland 2012 winner Pat Byrne.  Some of the events are totally free while tickets for the others can be purchased from the INEC Box Office. For more information check out here – http://www.inec.ie/Events/index.php?event_action=view&eid=1184&instance=2014-5-2.

The whole town will be buzzing though and you can bet your bottom dollar the nightclubs and bars will be thronged with revelers the whole weekend. If that’s your thing then wait till next week as I’ll be posting a preview of the weekend including recommendations on where to go and where you can find the best offers.