5 Top Pubs in Killarney

Pubs in Killarney

If you’re from abroad and you’re visiting Ireland you’re probably going to want to visit an Irish pub. You know, a proper Irish pub, as opposed to the poor imitations that are dotted around New York and Boston. Well you’ll need to be informed then. For you see, pubs are not in short supply in Ireland or indeed in Killarney and, like everything, they can vary greatly in quality. So here is a short list of five pubs in Killarney, that are definitely worth your time and money, for you to peruse. In no particular order, of course.

1. The Kube, East Avenue Road

A very new-agey sort of pub, The Kube is generally more popular among the younger demographic. It’s very polished, pretty and modern with fish tanks and a sizeable enough smattering of widescreen TVs scattered through out the pub. It’s an equally suitable location for watching a match on a Sunday afternoon or tripping the light fantastic on a Saturday night.

2. Charlie Foley’s, New Street

A bit more traditional is Charlie Foley’s but it is popular among young and old in Killarney. It’s very snug, comfortable and unimposing and the memorabilia and pictures dotted on the walls are always fun to peruse if your company is a bit boring. At night time it is a very popular pre-nightclub destination for young people.

3. The Tatler Jack, Plunkett Street

A proper sports bar, the Tatler Jack is heavily associated with local GAA club Dr Crokes. It’s similar enough to Charlie Foley’s in style but is a bit larger and wider. Great for watching a match or enjoying a quiet drink.

4. Scott’s, College Street

Attached to the adjoining Scott’s hotel, Scott’s is a hotbed of activity on weekend evenings. Its beer garden is very popular among revelers of all ages and fills up very quickly on a busy night or when there’s a match on in Fitzgerald Stadium (It will be packed to the rafters this Sunday, I can assure you). Good atmosphere, some decent live music usually and a nice location.

5. Killarney Heights, Cork Road

A bit less central than the aforementioned bars, the Killarney Heights is, like Scott’s, a hotel bar. It’s a great location (Right next to Supervalu), perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon and has a great dinner menu (Their carvery is fantastic). An older crowd would probably find it more appealing.

Pubs in Killarney