Open Water Swimming in Kerry

open water swimming

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can get, but sometimes a visit to the pool is not what you are looking for. Open water swimming in Kerry is a wonderful experience, and if you have booked a stay at Killarney’s Holiday Village, you’re never far from the perfect dip. Here we let you in on our favourite places to swim in Kerry as well as some important safety tips:


One of the most accessible places for open-water swimming, Fenit beach is just a few minutes’ drive from the town of Tralee. This is a very popular area for swimming, as it is a sheltered spot and perfect for a swim along the shore. This is a Blue Flag beach with lifeguards during the summer, parking, toilets, and a play area nearby.

Peddlers Lake

Peddlers Lake is a beautiful corrie lake, located near the Conor Pass. You will need to climb for about ten or 15 minutes to get there, but it is well worth the effort. The water in Peddlers is clearer than most lakes and is fresh and invigorating. Be careful getting in because the rocks can be slippery.

Valentia Island

Knightstown harbour is a great place for a clean, safe swim. There are pontoons you can swim beside, and, unlike most harbours, the surroundings are very scenic and not overcrowded with boats.

Derrynane Beach

Derrynane beach is a beauty, whether you swim or not. If you are swimming, avoid the area marked by warning signs for dangerous currents – stay in the area where the lifeguards operate (summer only). If you do, you will enjoy a delightful swim across lovely, clear sand, with lots of places to walk and explore afterwards.

Top 10 Swimming Safety Tips

  1. Never swim alone
  2. Swim parallel and close to the shore
  3. Don’t swim directly after eating
  4. Don’t swim when you’re hot or tired
  5. Don’t swim in strange places
  6. Don’t swim out to sea
  7. Don’t stay in the water too long
  8. Follow lifeguard instructions
  9. Heed safety signs and warnings
  10. Never use air mattresses

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