Nightlife in Killarney

Nightlife in Killarney

The summer season is but a distant memory and as the nights get longer and the temperatures continue to plummet, you’ll probably be looking for some more indoorsy excursions in Killarney. You’ll probably want to hit the town and see if nightlife in Killarney is all its cracked up to be. If so, let me be your tour guide and show you three of the best places in town for the craic and the ceol.

Nightlife in Killarney

1. Foley’s, New Street.

A lovely little bar, Charlie Foley’s is as versatile as they come. It’s great during the day for a quick drink or to catch a match and it’s a great place for the craic at night. There’s usually live music and there’s very often free drinks promotions. As well as that, the staff are very friendly and Foley’s attracts a diverse crowd from students to pensioners.

2. The Kube

The Kube is very much an anomaly in Killarney. It’s very new-age and ultra modern with its luminous fish tanks and numerous flat-screen TVs. It’s a cool place to hang out with friends before heading to a nightclub but it does also have its own dancefloor in case you feel like warming up those killer dance moves. The cocktails there are very popular and their Christmas decorations are very elaborate – keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks!

3. The Plaza

Similar to the Kube in the sense that it’s quite a modern venue, the Plaza, for my money, is a more rambunctious and happening place. The sofas in the Plaza are extremely comfortable. That may seem a strange boon for a bar but believe me, at midnight when you’ve danced your feet off they are very welcome!

So there you have a couple of nice places for you to experience nightlife in Killarney