Killarney’s Holiday Village: For a Different Kind of Stag

killarney's holiday village

killarney's holiday villageSeptember and October are great months to stay at Killarney’s Holiday Village: Not only are the stunning parkland, mountains, and forests swathed in their rich autumn foliage, but it’s the best time to see our magnificent red deer.

Oh Deer! See the Red Deer in Killarney

Book a holiday home at Killarney’s Holiday Village, and you are quite literally across the road from one of the best places to see the native red deer during rutting season. The wild stags that have spent the spring and summer roaming the remote hills and mountains alone make their way closer to civilisation and the lowlands of Killarney National Park to do battle for mates.

Long before you see them, you hear the bellowing of the mighty males and sometimes the clack of antlers as the stags fight for supremacy. Situated as it is on the Muckross Road, Killarney’s Holiday Village makes a great base for viewing one of the most memorable and dramatic shows that nature puts on each autumn.

Knockreer Estate

Make your way into Knockreer Estate, the first entrance to Killarney National Park in Killarney town, and you will see herds of deer being patrolled by jealous males. Should they let their guard down for an instant, a rival male may swoop in and commandeer an entire harem of does for himself.

The stags do not give up easily, and battles over females can get extremely intense, sometimes resulting in severe injury to the animals. These are wild animals, so do not make the mistake of leaving the paths to get closer to the deer: You do not want to get in the way of an aggressive stag.


If you head in the direction of Kenmare, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your car to see large herds of red deer gathered in the field opposite the entrance to Muckross House. Seasoned walkers will head further into the mountains in the direction of the Old Kenmare Road, where the sight of a lone stag lifting his antlers in defiance on a craggy outcrop as he bellows a warning to rivals is a memory that will stay with you.

Wherever you go to see the wild deer, remember they are wild, so don’t try to get close to them. The best times to see them are early in the morning and late in the evening, so wear warm, waterproof clothes. And don’t forget to book your self-catering accommodation in Killarney’s Holiday Village for the ultimate in comfort on your return from your deer-watching trip.

What’s your favourite time to visit Killarney? We’d love to hear from you!