Three of Killarney’s Best Views You May Not Have Heard Of

Killarney Scenery

While this blog may espouse the merits of Killarney’s nightlife, musical attractions and sporting events, fact of the matter is most people visit Killarney for the scenery. And what a reason to visit for, I may be bias, but I’d wager that Killarney has some of the most stunning scenery Ireland has to offer. You know that, of course, but do you know the best spots from which to enjoy the luscious Killarney scenery?

Killarney Scenery

1. Knockreer House

Not of the house, but from the house. The house itself is situated in the Desmene. The Desmene is part of the National Park and there is a gated entrance to it across the road from St Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney town. The house is located a short but steep walk from the entrance. You can’t miss the signposts. Then, when you reach the mansion, the view from the front lawn is absolutely divine. It’s a wild fusion of woodland, water and mountains and, if you look close enough, you can just about make out Ross Castle in the distance. No image of the view exists on the internet and it is one which is rarely lauded but it remains one of my personal favourites for some quality Killarney scenery.

2. Aghadoe

Aghadoe lies a mile or so from Killarney town. You must take the Tralee road to get there and, be warned, you intend to walk there, it is quite a steep walk. But it’ll be worth it, whatever way you get there. The view from Aghadoe is one of Killarney locals’ favourite views and encompasses the whole town as well as the mountains and lakes. There is a graveyard and a hotel in Aghadoe and both are fantastic vantage points to enjoy this spectacular view.

3. The Copper Mines

A real hidden secret, the copper mines are located down a short path from Ross Castle and are home to some of the finest views Killarney has to offer. It is rather different to the other two as it is next to the lake shore but is just as celestial. On a sunny day you’ll be hard pressed to find a nicer spot.

And if you get sick of them, you can always just return to Lady’s View to experience some jaw dropping Killarney scenery;