The Ultimate Killarney Peaks Challenge

Killarney Peaks Challenge

Do you love the mountains? Are you looking for a new challenge? What are you doing this May 19th? Book a holiday home in Killarney’s Holiday Village and get yourself down here for the ultimate Killarney Peaks Challenge for the most exciting and memorable mountain adventure of 2018.

What You Need to Do

First of all, if you have what it takes to navigate 25 kilometres across difficult terrain and an accumulated ascent of 2,450 metres, register for the Killarney Peaks Challenge. Then, get yourself to Cronin’s Yard in Beaufort on the morning of Saturday, May 19th. You will be brought by bus to the start of the adventure in the dramatically glaciated Gap of Dunloe.

Where You Will Go

Your initial ascent will be the 200-metre climb through bracken and heather to the top of Tomies mountain. Then it’s southwest along a ridge from cairn to cairn to the summit of Purple Mountain, with its stunning views of the Black Valley, and your next destination, the towering McGillycuddy Reeks.

Now, you’re descending to the mountain lake of Glas Loch and westward to the Head of the Gap. Once you get to the Head of the Gap you will head west to the summit of Drishana and onward to the rock-scattered peak of Cnoc na Tarbh. Your next goal is the impressive stone cairn at the top of Cnoc an Bhráca at the start of the Reeks walk.

After you have reached the summits of Cruach Bheag and Cruach Mhór, you need to gather all your resources for the notorious Cnoc na Péiste Ridge, a series of huge rocks that form chimneys, slabs, and peaks. You need to have a head for heights for this steep and narrow arête.

From Cnoc na Péiste, it’s on to  Maolán Buí, Cnoc an Chuillin and Cnoc Toinne, before tackling the eroded Devil’s Ladder up Ireland’s highest mountain—Corrán Tuathail. Clap yourself on the back before continuing to Ireland’s second highest mountain, Binn Chaorach (BeenKeragh), via the iconic Beenkeragh Ridge. Reward yourself with views of Dingle Bay, Ireland’s third-highest mountain (Caher), the Lakes of Killarney, and the beautiful Hag’s Glen. Your final peak is Knockbrinnea as you descend to the finishing line at Cronin’s Yard.

Well Done!

After a refreshing shower, relax and relish a delicious barbeque, refreshments, traditional musical entertainment, and your well-deserved medal! After all, you’ve conquered some of Ireland’s highest peaks and immersed yourself in the country’s wildest mountain scenery.