Killarney National Park

On the first Saturday of September, you would imagine the park would be a quite sanctuary with children back at school, but it is quite the opposite.

Throughout the year, Killarney is buzzing with activity, from outdoor enthusiasts, bus tours, locals and so much more.

Set within the bounds of Killarneys spectacular mountains, Killarney National Park has a myriad of tracks and trails to suit all abilities.  The walk from Muckross House within the main gate of the park, to the beaches with hidden caves, or an extra few steps, and you will arrive at the well known Torc Waterfall and for the more challenging experience, why not take on one of the upward climbs across the mountains surrounding the park.

With Torc in mind, for the more adventurous, when you reach the Waterfall, you can climb the hundreds of steps and experience the greatest view of all, overlooking Killarneys awe inspiring views in 360 degrees of perfection.  On a fine day, it is mind blowing, and a great workout for your legs, heart and soul!

The park boasts a wealth of nature, completely untouched by man (apart from cutting the grass) and you will often see it, in its true self!  From red deer roaming in the vast open spaces, to the squirrels hopping in and out on walkways.  In spring, the bunny and hare population can be seen raising their young, training them to the ways of what Killarney offers.

Need an adventure the whole family can enjoy… Killarney has it all!