5 reasons you SHOULD visit Killarney this autumn/winter.

Killarney in Autumn Winter

Killarney is a summer town. I can’t argue with that. It’s written in stone. It’s like the Blackpool of Ireland, except not on the seaside obviously.

With this in mind you may think that there’s no point visiting Killarney once the summer sun makes way for the autumn breeze. But you’d be mistaken. And here’s five reasons why you should visit Killarney in Autumn Winter.

1. Less tourists.

Quite a simple one to grasp. Summer season is tourist season and thousands of tourists invade Killarney during the months of June, July and August. Nothing wrong with them, they are, for all intents and purposes, the life blood of the town but Killarney’s serene beauty is best seen and felt in a more peaceful environment. The park is empty, the lakes aren’t full of impudent tourists on waterbuses and the town is quiet. Tis rather lovely.

2. Killarney National Park in the winter is a wonder to behold.

Granted, Killarney National Park looks good whatever the weather and it is the idyllic, summer images that make tourists flock to our town but there is a certain, esoteric beauty if you will, about the park in winter. It’s very dank, a lot quieter, a lot more hazardous but also very, very serene. Mornings when mist rolls over the lakes are the best.

3. Everything’s cheaper.

Natural really. During the summer months, prices rise as retailers like to cash in on the sizeable portion of tourists in the town. But couple the incoming winter months with Ireland’s current economic difficulties and you’re going to see those prices drop faster than Luis Suarez in a crowded penalty box. Prices for hotel rooms (Or holiday homes, if you know what I mean) will also be cheaper.

4. Christmas in Killarney.

For years Killarney has struggled through the winter months, desperately willing the calendar onto May. Twas a barren land was Killarney during Christmas, well in terms of tourists anyway, but the last decade has seen a heck of a lot more activity thanks in no small part to the popularity of the Christmas in Killarney festival. They organise Christmas open air markets, concerts and other fun events. Check out their website for more Рhttp://www.christmasinkillarney.com/

5. If it snows, you’re in for a real treat.

The term “postcard Christmas scene” gets bandied about quite a bit but for Killarney it is rather apt. You have to see it. The mountains look majestic with their peaks whiter than Santa’s beard and lakes are eerily still. The locals hate the snow as it does cause quite a bit of disruption but you should love it. If it comes. (Keep your fingers crossed).