Rev up for the Killarney Historic Rally

Killarney Historic Rally

Have we got any petrolheads among us? If so, then you might be interested in this Saturday’s Historic Stages Rally that is taking place in Killarney. The rally is an annual event which brings some of Ireland’s most talented young drivers to one of Ireland’s most beautiful racing venues. The Killarney Historic Rally is 78 miles in length and will bring the drivers up and around the Ring of Kerry. If you’re in Killarney Friday evening keep an eye out for the vintage cars as they wing their way noisily into town for the event.

The Gleneagle Hotel, just down the road from the Killarney Holiday Village, is serving as the headquarters for the Killarney Historic Rally so you’ll be able tom easily keep abreast of all the news and maybe even mingle with the drivers very easily. The event is an altogether quieter affair than the famed Rally of the Lakes which takes place in Killarney each May but this is to its advantage as it makes it more attractive to racing purists.

The event will kick off at 7.35am on Saturday from the Gleneagle and will come to a conclusion under cover of darkness in Kilcummin, a village on the outskirts of Killarney, Saturday evening. It’ll be a grueling test for the drivers and it could even be testing for the spectators too given Killarney’s infamous propensity for precipitation! But if you’re a racing purist or someone with a keen interest in vintage cars this is one not miss.

For more information check out or if you want to see a list of the drivers then check out Have a blast!