Who you gonna call?: The Killarney Ghost Tour

Killarney Ghost Tour

If you’re a fan of horror, scary stories or spooky folklore, the Killarney Ghost Tour could be just the ticket for you. This innovative tour was launched only five years ago and has gone on to become a firm favourite among tourists and locals alike. It takes you on a night time journey, by bus and by foot, through some of Killarney’s most famous (or infamous) spots associated with ghostly apparitions, spirited history and local folklore. And in Killarney, being a town steeped in ancient mythology, these spooky spots are not in short supply.

You may have already noticed the bus. Indeed, if you have been down the East Avenue Road (The one that runs from the Outlet Centre to the Cinema) it’s unlikely you haven’t. It does stand out a bit. The inside is just as elaborate too. But the bus is not even the main attraction as it’s your tour guides, two guys  who know a lot about Killarney and its folklore that provide the real entertainment. Because this tour isn’t just meant to scare the bejeezus out of you; it’s also a theatrical production and it has great entertainment value. Locations you can expect to see and tour on the Ghost Tour include Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle and a variety of graveyards. Sure, you may have visited a couple of those places in the day time already but you might see them in a different light at night time. The Abbey is a particularly spooky place after the sun goes down.

The tour has received rave reviews on tripadvisor and other websites. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself! Though the trip is based on ghost stories and supernatural folklore, the aim is, as I have mentioned, to entertain and not to scare. Having said that, parts of the trip can be a bit difficult for the particularly squeamish and it’s advised that you don’t take children that are too young. 10 and over should be ok. The tours are seasonal and they’re just getting back into swing now after a long winter hiatus. They run 5 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and the bus departs the East Avenue Road at 9pm sharp each night. Tickets can be purchased from the departure point up to 30 minutes before departure but booking is strongly recommended if you don’t want to be disappointed. You can do that by ringing 087 2945007. And check out their website if you need any more information – http://www.killarneyghosttour.com/ . Happy Hunting!