Killarney Bank Holiday Weekend nightlife preview

Killarney Bank Holiday Weekend

The weekend is here and not just any old weekend but the best kind of weekend; a bank holiday weekend! Yes, Easter is afoot, lent is at an end and we don’t have to worry about work until Tuesday so let’s take a look at what the Killarney Bank Holiday Weekend has to offer in terms of nightlife this Easter weekend.

Many of you will naturally be wanting to let your hair down this weekend and the perfect place for that might just be Mustang Sallys on Sunday night as Revolution Ents are hosting their fourth major event of the year. They’re promising ” a full club experience with an amazing laser show, CO2 machines, crazy strobe effects and the best Club Sound System in Killarney” which sounds jolly good. They also have some great drink deals and admission is only €2. Doors open there at 11 so you’re looking for a full-on party this weekend you know where to go.

There’ll be plenty going on elsewhere in Killarney over the weekend. The Killarney Grand is a grand choice for any of you into your traditional music. The front bar there will be bopping to the tunes of fiddles and bodhráns this weekend so you know where to go if that’s your thing. If you’re looking for a more slow-paced, relaxed atmosphere then I’d recommend The Killarney Plaza or The Kube. Both of these bars have a great drinks menu with plenty of exotic cocktails so they’re the perfect places to start your night. McSorley’s and The Danny Mann nightclubs are great places to end it too if you’re that way inclined too.

Oh, and just remember, the sale of alcohol is prohibited on Good Friday and all pubs and clubs will be shut for the day. It’s a strange law and it means there’s one less evening of the Bank Holiday Weekend to party but that just means you’ll have to make the most of Saturday and Sunday. We like to test ourselves, us Irish.

Happy hunting!