Five great places to eat in Killarney

When you come to a new town, be it for a few days, a week or even a month,  the most pressing concern is always; “where in the hell are we gonna eat?”. You don’t want to spend your whole time chowing down on McDonalds or continuously raiding microwaveable food from supermarkets surely. You’re going to want to treat yourself, to indulge yourself or just sample what the local cuisine is like. Killarney may be a small town but it’s certainly not lacking in choice when it comes to culinary options. Here’s five restaurants and cafes handpicked by a local that are definitely worth your consideration when visiting Killarney.

Killarney 5 places to eat

1.  Mac’s, Main Street

Mac’s is a Killarney institution. It’s been around since time immemorial and has been a firm favourite among locals and visitors for years. They’re a jack of all trades; they have lovely Irish meals along with more foreign cuisine too. The lasagna is gorgeous in there and the chips too are scrumptious. The highlight for me though is the mashed potatoes which are oh so creamy. Mac’s is well renowned for it ice cream so if you need a freshener after the meal you need look no further.

2. Stonechat, Fleming Lane (Off High Street)

A cafe which the word cozy was invented for, Stonechat is a lovely spot with some lovely food. It’s relatively secluded, being plonked down one of Killarney’s side alleys, but has nevertheless gained a reputation for fab food and fab service. The Irish stew in there is absolutely gorgeous if you fancy trying something local. The decor is also a big draw.

3. Milano, Main Street

Ok, so Milano is a chain restaurant in Ireland but it’s so damn tasty I had to include. They’re known for their elegant interior and the one in Killarney is no different. It’s the food the brings the crowds however and in this department Milano restaurants certainly excel. Their pizzas are the definite highlight. The difference between their pizzas and the pizza you’d get from a takeaway is startling; for starters, their pizzas aren’t going to aggravate your cholesterol! The whole menu is great though and if you’ve been in a Milano before you know what to expect. If you haven’t, well now’s your chance to try.

4. Hotel Europe, Fossa

Well, this one’s only if you’re ready to indulge yourself because it is pricey. The Hotel Europe is a luxury hotel located in Fossa about two miles from Killarney town. It’s nestled snugly alongside Lough Leane and boasts some absolutely stunning scenery. The restaurant is the jewel in its crown however and has one of the most unique and beautiful interior designs in Killarney. The food is supreme as one can imagine. The steak is great. My number one recommendation though comes from the starter menu! Try their nachos. Now they are almost as divine as  the surroundings. The prices are steep however so you have been warned!

5. Bake, Beech Road

Bake is a relatively new addition to Killarney and isn’t a cafe or a restaurant at all but a bakery. I’m including it because it’s one of the more interesting bakeries I’ve come across. Their cakes and muffins are excellent and you can tell that by the smell wafting out from the shop. The highlight for me though is their whoopie pies which are a baked good I had never even heard of before Bake came along. They’re native to Pittsburgh in the US and they’re a cookie, a pie and a cake all in one! You’ll have to try them to see for yourself. They’re ridiculously delicious and come in a variety of flavours including oreo and peanut butter. Be warned however, they are also ridiculously filling!