Kerry Way Cancer Walk 2014

Kerry Way Cancer Walk

If you like getting fit and helping people in need well you could do both at once with the Kerry Way Cancer Walk. The Kerry Way Cancer Walk is now in its 9th year and is a three day walking festival which raises funds for Breakthrough Cancer Research which is a charity dedicated to funding effective and efficient new ways of tackling all forms of cancer. The three day event kicks off on Friday the 25th July and runs until Sunday the 27th July.

As you may have guessed all the walks are along the Kerry Way which is one of Ireland’s most popular and most scenic walking routes. There is one walk per day on this route and three walks in total which vary in length and difficulty. The first day is the easiest walk and it is an evening walk from Templenoe to Kenmare. It begins at 5pm with a ferry across the beautiful Kenmare Bay to Templenoe and the walk itself is about 10km long. The second day is the most challenging and the most scenic as it is a 26km trek from Lauragh, which is a small village on the Beara Peninsula not far from the Cork border, to Kenmare again. This walk will see you pass glens, valleys, lakes and even scale a small-sized mountain so it’s not one for the faint-hearted. The final day is the medium difficulty walk and starts in Killarney at Torc Waterfall. From there it is a 17km walk to Kenmare via the Eshnamucky Glen, i.e the scenic route! You can check out some very detailed information on the walking routes and what times to register and what not here.

So if you go on one of these walks you will fill your exercise quota for the week (If not month), enjoy some of the most scenic walking routes in Ireland and raise money for a very well-deserving cause. If you’re unsure and would like a bit more information you can check out their full website for more details here.