Fishing in the Killarney District. The Lakes of Killarney

Killarney’s Holiday Village’s proximity to the lakes of Killarney, makes it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. There are three Lakes in Killarney, known as Lough Leane, Muckross Lake and the Upper Lake. Killarney and the surrounding district has some of the best Salmon and Brown Trout waters in Ireland and is an ideal base for the fishing enthusiast.

Trolling for Salmon with either spoons or minnows is the most popular method used. Fly-fishing for Trout with wet flies is very effective but spinners can also be used.

The most popular flies are Bibio, Black Zulu, Jungle Cock, Bog Fly, Alder, and early in the season Hawthorn’s and Duck Flies.
The Lakes contain fourteen species of fish, including the Charr, a species of fish which usually occupies Sub-Artic lakes.
Trout fishing on Killarneys lakes is free and for a small licence fee you can hunt for the magnificent wild Atlantic salmon.

On many of the nearby rivers and lakes for a small weekly or daily charge you can fish for Brown trout, Sea trout, Rainbow trout and Salmon.You will find some wonderful wild Brown Trout fishing in the Gap Of Dunloe / Black Valley region. This area is full of small lakes and streams. Especially for the dedicated Fly Angler, you will have great fun with Small Brownies.
The Laune river drains the Killarney Lakes. There is excellent Salmon, Trout and Sea Trout fishing available. Late summer and September is about the best period for Brown Trout.

Sea Trout fishing is possible usually in the May to June period. Local enquiries will provide current details on the availability of day permits.
The river Laune drains the Killarney Lakes. Killorglin is a prominent town west of Killarney on the N.70 Ring of Kerry touring route. The River Laune flows from Lough Leane near Killarney to reach the sea just north-west of Killorglin after a distance of approximately 22 Km.
The River Laune is a very good Spring Salmon river. The catches recorded from this river in recent years have been excellent.