5 Things to do with Kids in Killarney

5 Things to do with Kids in Killarney

The summer holidays are upon us and if you’re coming to Killarney with a gaggle of kids you’ll probably be aware that there’s only so much walking, hiking and sightseeing they can put up with. So naturally you’ll need a day or two of kid’s stuff. Well don’t worry because I’ve got 5 kid friendly activities in the Killarney area for your kids to enjoy and to give yourself a break.

1. Kennedy’s Pet Farm

Kennedy’s Farm is located roughly 5 miles from Killarney town centre on the Cork road and has been a staple of childhood fun in Killarney for well over two decades now. The pet farm houses a number of friendly animals including rabbits, donkeys, pigs, goats, horses, ducks and loads more. The animals are well used to human attention so you’ll be able to get nice and close. There is also an indoor playground which is great craic for kids of all ages. To find out more about them and directions to the farm check out their wesbite here.

2. Coolwood Wildlife Park and Zoo

A perhaps more adventurous version of Kennedy’s Farm, Coolwood is a 50 acre wildlife park located in Coolcaslagh which is about 4 miles from Killarney town centre. The centre is divided into two areas; a 40 acre wildlife sanctuary and a 10 acre wildlife park. In the wildlife sanctuary you’ll find a number of cool creatures including red squirrels, sparrow hawks and dippers. In the wildlife park you’ll find some more exotic creatures like arctic foxes, llamas, meerkats, lemurs and a number of birds of prey. There’s a coffee shop and small children’s play area so you can take a break too. Check out their website here for more information and directions.

3. Play at Height Killarney

If you’re kids are a bit more mature and want something a bit more extreme then you should consider Play at Height Killarney. This is a really cool centre of obstacle courses located in Fossa about two miles from Killarney town centre. There are two courses; the main one catering to teens and adults and a smaller one for kids. The courses feature zip lines, cargo nets, see-saws and loads of other challenging obstacles. You can find out more about them and where to find them on their website here.

4. Buddies Play Centre

If you’ve got some young’uns in tow and you need 2 or 3 hours to yourself then buddies is the place to go. This is a play centre for young kids under the ages of 10. It’s a very spacious and has all the amenities you would expect any kiddies play centre worth their salt to have like ball-pits, slides and even a replica pirate ship. The kids will go absolutely wild for it and you can sit back in their comfy cafe. Check out their website here for more details and how to find it.

5. Bird’s Bazaar

London has Wimbledon and Killarney has Bird’s Bazaar. A summer in Killarney without Bird’s is like a winter without Christmas. You’ve probably seen it, it’s nigh-on impossible to miss if you’ve passed it, but for those who haven’t it’s in Scott’s Car Park opposite the Killarney Outlet Centre. It’s your typical amusement arcade replete with bumpers, waltzers and a fun house. You can get candy floss, slushies and popcorn. The perfect way to end a summer night in Killarney with kids.